Stop Saving For A Rainy Day

Posted: August 22, 2016, 12:00am

How many times have you heard stories about people with incredible gifts and talents who end up settling into a life of mediocrity? You've probably heard these stories a lot, and more than likely they are people that you know, or you may even be one of these individuals yourself. The term "save it for a rainy day" is a common expression we use when we discuss saving the extra money we have. The only problem is that we have no end goal in mind, no real reason to save the money other than to horde it. To save it simply for the sake of saving it. The rainy day we are always waiting for never really comes, and the money keeps stacking up, but it is never put to good use.

People who live by that motto save and save because they are afraid that if they use the resources they've been given they will have nothing left for themselves. They fear not being able to live a certain lifestyle, or not being able to pay the bills, so they stash it all away in savings accounts. The problem is they don't understand that what they have is a gift that is not to be horded, but to be used to help others and to help make their own dreams become a reality. Unfortunately, fear rules the hearts and thoughts of these individuals, and that precious resource goes to waste, sitting in an account unused. 

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