Ken & Mark Victor Hansen
(Co-Author Chicken Soup For the Soul)

If a guy who has sold over 100 million books likes Ken's book, I think you will too.



One Decision Away - 10 Decisions You Can Make to Transform Your Life

You are only ever ONE DECISION AWAY from changing your life. Every decision leads us somewhere. Our past decisions have brought us to where we are now. Our future decisions have the power to take us somewhere different. One Decision Away: 10 Decisions You Can Make Now to Transform Your Life  has practical, powerful steps to help you make decisions to lead you where you want to be in life to fulfill your destiny and purpose.


I Believe In Me

I Believe In Me is a story that will appeal to many children today. It is a story that shows the value in areas like:

• Reaching out to forge new meaningful relationships
• Building self-esteem
• Finding the rewards of sharing with others
• Accepting the differences in others
• And other important lessons that our children need to become well-rounded, civil-minded individuals in today’s society.

I Believe in Me is an easy-to-read yet motivational book designed with your child in mind. All readers will benefit from its contents.


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God, I Ain’t Trying To Hear All That!

This book gives you insight on how all of the events that have taken place in your life are preparing you for your destiny. Adversity, past experiences, relationships, dreams and aspirations are all ways that GOD communicates with us through our daily lives. And yet, most of us fail to listen. This book will offer you inspiration and motivation on how to utilize each life situation to your advantage. It will give you the courage to pursue your dreams as you encounter the wonderful opportunities that exist in the world around you.


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Leadership In The Real World

Ken takes the mystery out of leading others and makes it plain. Whether you are a team leader, manager, supervisor, coach, pastor, or anyone who is charged with influencing people, this book will revolutionize the way you view your job. Leadership In The Real World does more than explain how to motivate others to follow you; it gives you a roadmap to move from frustration to effectiveness. In this book you’ll learn how to…..

• Lead a team full of your old friends
• Condition others to behave the way they’re supposed to
• How to get respect from those you lead
• How to get trust from those you lead
• Harness the power of the one thing that motivates everyone
• How to lead those older than you
• How to lead those younger than you
• Lead by example in 9 specific ways
• and much more


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Help! My Mind Is Fat - Daily Devotional

Every diet and exercise program works on some level - if YOU do. The problem is changing your mindset. There are many weight loss books out there, but this book is one of a kind. It is the first written as a daily devotional and journal for weight loss. This book is a spiritual and mental, daily devotional - geared specifically for those who want to try something different on the weight loss journey they have chosen. Each devotional message is designed to address the issues that overweight people face while attempting to lose weight. It is based on the Christian, spiritual principles which have been a source of strength and comfort for so many people during times of struggle.


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Audio Programs

Branding You In The Real World

Regardless of age, position, or what business you happen to be in, everyone needs to understand the importance of branding. We are CEO of our own companies: Me, Inc. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, your most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.
Personal branding is essential for success today. Gone are the days where your value as an entrepreneur or professional are linked primarily to your talent. It’s not enough in this competitive market place. You must stand out in the crowd!. Either stand out and be recognized or fade into obscurity. Personal branding helps you stand out in the crowd and differentiate yourself. Just as with corporate brands, your personal brand is your promise of value. It separates you from your peers, your colleagues, and your competitors in business.
In this 5 cd audio program, you will the following and so much more

In Branding You In The Real World, you'll learn:

• How and why personal brands work
• The 10 Ten Unbreakable Laws of Branding
• How to condition the minds of those you want to influence
• Why your visibility is more important than your ability
• How to get famous in your target audience
• How to uncover your unique qualities and to promote them
• How to increase sales 100% in your business from marketing your brand
• How to get promoted over your peers and colleagues


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How to Turn Your Idea Into a Million Dollars

Have you ever had an idea that you thought could make you millions of dollars? Most people have had several, million-dollar ideas during their lifetime. What has kept these people from pursuing and capitalizing on those notions? In this dvd, Ken Canion explains the 3 reasons that discourage people from pursuing those potentially lucrative ideas.  He also expounds on the 10 ten steps that will help anyone turn their idea into a million dollars.


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Coaching Programs


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