Leadership Coaching

Who needs this Coaching? Executives, Managers Supervisors & Team Leaders

At The Ken Canion Group, our services offer a strategic blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting to help our clients get the best results every time.

If you want to be successful in your personal or professional life, you have to realize that you alone cannot make it happen. As the infamous quote says, "It is hard to see the picture when you are the frame." You cannot coach yourself. You cannot effectively create strategies that will help you reach your maximum potential. You need a proven expert to coach, mentor or consultant with you so that you can achieve your goals in record time.

If you are a business leader, who wants to learn the art of influence, this coaching is for you. If you are struggling with balancing your personal brand with your professional brand and responsibilities so that they authentically align in your career and allow you to effectively lead your team to peak performance results, answer the following questions:

  • Do you need to breathe new life into your team so that they get re-energized and positioned to grow?
  • Do want to learn communication techniques that will help you with people of different personality types?
  • Do you want to learn how to handle difficult people?
  • Do you want to know the techniques to handle conflict and confrontation?
  • Would you like to know the latest techniques on how to lead people in other generations?
  • Are you wondering how to truly inspire people and get them to buy into your vision?
  • Could you get excited about having your own qualified leadership coach and trainer to infuse your team and leaders with strategies designed to maximize their growth?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then just know that The Ken Canion Group specializes in executive coaching, leadership and brand training and development needed for you. Keynotes and workshops are designed to help you to lead people in the real world. If you are interested in leadership please fill out the following questionnaire.

If (AND ONLY IF) I am talking to you, complete the form below and someone from our office will contact you to schedule your 30-minute Discovery session. Click here to fill out Questionnaire.

Leadership Coaching Costs

Personal and Corporate Coaching options help clients discretely remove barriers to personal, professional and business development. Expected coaching outcomes for the person being coached are: increased clarity and focus (by paying attention to your intentions), personalized learning, expanded awareness and designing the life you want to live. In this program, we will analyze and assess your strengths and weaknesses as leader. We will develop a comprehensive plan to help your team grow to its maximum potential.

Option 1: Corporate Coaching - weekly executive coaching 1-hour sessions Corporate coaching for senior executives is usually tied to the company's strategic initiatives, succession planning and retention strategies. The coach meets with each individual being coached on a weekly basis to determine the desired outcomes and put appropriate performance metrics in place.
Cost - $1,200/month-prepaid 6 month minimum

Option 2: Personal Coaching - weekly 1/2 hour telephone sessions ($600/month-prepaid 3 month minimum). Personal coaching of executives, professionals and small business owners is available in 30-minute weekly sessions by telephone at half the cost of the corporate coaching option above.
Cost - $600/month-prepaid 3 month minimum.

Option 3: Test drive executive and business coaching for only four 1-hour personal coaching sessions. 

Cost - $250.00

Option 4: 1 Day or Multi day training of leadership staff.
Call for cost and details. 336-273-5929.

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